Reclaimed Antique Building Materials

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  RESAWN VINTAGE LUMBER:       (Rough sawn)
            Chestnut $7.50/board foot            
            Heart Pine 6.50/board foot            
            Oak 5.50/board foot            
            White Pine 5.00/board foot            
            Hemlock and Cypress 4.50/board foot            
            Distressed Cypress 3.50/board foot            
  (Additional charges will apply for any extra milling, such as planing, tongue
and groove, etc.)
  RECLAIMED FLOORING:       (Original walk-smooth surface)
            White and Yellow Pine $6-9.00/sq. foot            
  BARN FLOORING:       (Planks)
            2" to 3" Thickness $4-6.00/sq. foot            
  WEATHERED BARN SIDING: $3-4.00/sq. foot            
  GRANARY WOOD:       (Pumkin pine) $7.00/sq. foot            
  FLOOR JOISTS: Call for price and availability            
  LOG JOISTS:       (Half rounds) $12.00/running foot            
(Hewn flat on two sides)            
  RAFTERS:       (Sawn, pole, and hand hewn) $2.50-7.00/running foot            
  BEAMS:       (Hand hewn and sawn)
            Call for sizes and species available $1.50-3.00/board foot            
  VINTAGE STRAP HINGES: $1.00/inch            

        NOTE:     All wood is reclaimed from barns, houses, and other vintage structures. Common characteristics include nail holes, mortise holes, worm holes, or checks.